Moshe Herzog


Helping businesses assess their growth and understand their numbers is what Moshe is passionate about.”

As the Controller at Tiger Companies, Moshe provides the clarity necessary to lead the company toward strategic success. Whether preparing analyses and projections, budgets, delivering reports to stakeholders, or overseeing the daily routines of receivables and payables, the same approach of transparency, teamwork, and accountability is pursued.

Moshe is passionate about financial education and works pro bono to provide coaching and clarity in the area of personal finances. Moshe believes that knowledge is power and expresses his joy helping people understand and manage an area that many find perplexing. Moshe strives to support each team member in achieving their goals.

When Moshe’s not actively engaged in financial review, analysis and communication, and fostering a strong team, Moshe enjoys interacting with nature, visiting new locations, and involving his family in adventurous extracurricular activities that mark his creative streak.

Moshe is a highly dedicated and resourceful community member. Moshe is involved in multiple community projects to enhance the flourishing community in which he resides.