Joel Gruber

Senior Buyer

“The art of buying is more about innovation than it is about negotiation.”

With over a decade of expertise in the purchasing and inventory management arena, Joel is responsible for product sourcing, forecasting and management across Tiger Companies’ multidimensional brands.

Having developed a niche in the field due to his unique sense of creativity and grit, Joel looks for ideas in the most uncanny of places, often known for his resourcefulness and ingenuity in an oversaturated market to bring value and strategy to the buying division at Tiger Companies. With his amiable personality, Joel’s hybrid of passionate work ethic and creative mindset helps set the stage for unique opportunities at the companies he’s affiliated with.

Joel’s mindset has always been about finding ways to provide what others may have overlooked, effectively replacing the traditional mindset of ‘watch your competitors’ with ‘offer what they won’t. He sees opportunities in the most uncanny of places and appreciates the challenging, yet rewarding, attributes of his career choice.

At the helm of the purchasing division, Joel particularly enjoys what he dubbed ‘a mining field of opportunity’, creating market based solutions and strategies with a clear cut approach to effective leadership. It is his passionate approach and deep seated expertise that help get things done with an alacrity and skill set that is second to none.

A proud husband and father, Joel chalks up his success to loving what he does everyday, while spending his spare time studying cyclical trends and market opportunities. A workaholic with a good natured persona, Joel enjoys his time on the job and his time exploring new mediums, while always channeling his broader view of business toward self development and success.