Jeff Goldberger


“Adapting an amiable personality to a well run operation, Jeff is a problem solver by default and a team player by example. He has been upgrading his role along with the company’s growth and mirrors his progress in its success.”

Punctuality, precision and organizational skills par excellence are what set Jeff apart in his role as lead operations associate at Tiger Companies. While he boasts a history of expertise at the firm, his slow and steady ascent has been marked by an efficient and well rounded approach to process implementation.

Jeff is known for his inclusive mindset and is well loved by all, both within and beyond the company scope, namely due to his cohesive team oriented approach that enacts a fairness unlike any other company of its size and stature. By analyzing overall and individual impact on employees, he has been applauded for his inclusive approach that echoes the company’s EOS guided sentiment.

Always appreciating a real challenge, Jeff steps up to the plate by reviewing, assessing and addressing problems with real time solutions, building upon his extensive experience in both billing and customer care previous positions. With a fluency in technology and a history in ERP implementations and web orientations, he has been most notably associated with the success of Tiger Medical’s market advancement before being promoted as COO of the complete company roster.

While Jeff works behind the scenes, his decisions and implementations are reflecting positively on the company’s overall growth and development.