Jacob Berger


“In a rare hybrid of upbeat congeniality and financial efficiency, Jacob exudes a passion for the company he grew up in.”

Despite his father being the co-founder and president at Tiger Companies, Jacob had to climb the corporate ladder since his very first position as warehouse manager. Having been through the growth and, in fact, a large part of it, Jacob applied his amiable persona and timely correspondence to the job, being promoted to COO and lauded for his operations acuity across the gamut of subdivisions in the multiple privately held brands at Tiger Companies. Within his current role as CFO, Jacob is an active contender in every department and has since introduced his son as the next generation of Tiger’s corporate leadership team. His daily grind involves determining product profitability on a multi-tiered scale of financial acuity.  “Whatever it is that you do, do it with all your might. I love what I do and am privileged to be doing it alongside my family and friends.”