Herman Goldberger

CEO and Co-founder

“Spearheading fast paced growth stems from an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to surround himself with passionate people”.

Herman was a serial entrepreneur long before the launch of his powerhouse brand, Tiger Companies. While he always thought big, he doubled down on things that mattered most to him, including a culture of caring and of sharing ambitions with his peers. Having built a company from the ground up, his creative side appreciated the thrill of developing and fine-tuning products across the length and breadth of household, office, commercial and niche uses. One of Herman’s noteworthy qualities remains the remarkable way in which he gets things done, often being the business owner with a broomstick in hand, because to him leadership exceeds tasks or ranks. It’s this mindset that helped him bridge the gap between employees, while earning the respect of his team members and clients. The father of 5 children and many grandchildren, Herman marks progress by valuing the people in his task force. “I always envisioned a revolutionary product line, but I’m most proud of the way we’ve revolutionized a team”.