Ayala Dorfman

Chief of Staff and EOS Integrator

“Excellent leadership skills and a passion for growth make Ayala a strategic implementer with a dedication as strong as her drive.”

While strategy and resourcefulness rarely exist alongside enthusiasm and warmth, Ayala possesses a unique sense of positive energy that is transferred to her team and associates. Spearheading processes, system implementations, and strategic initiatives, Ayala approaches tasks in her leadership role with a dynamic sense of purpose and an innovative streak.

While she particularly loves influencing positive change and helping others succeed in business, Ayala has garnered respect at Tiger Companies due to her practical, results driven persona and no-nonsense attitude. A problem solver by nature, she encourages open-communication, consistency, metrics/data, and top- quality work. She contributes to Tiger’s progress company-wide and leads the weekly executive leadership meeting.

Ayala is a firm believer in diligent work and quips that “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. Empowered by big ideas and an even bigger commitment to hard work, she influences real progress every day. With a strong work ethic and an overachiever’s temperament, Ayala is passionate about what she does and how it drives the Company’s overall strategy and growth. A New York native and fast paced professional who likes to keep active in her spare time, Ayala is eloquently described as possessing a “type A work ethic with a type B personality”.

With a diverse background as the Director of Strategic Initiatives in the housing and social services arena, as well as having been the Director of Human Resources and Director of Business Development in various large corporations, Ayala channels her deep-seated expertise toward the Company’s strategic growth initiatives at her current position at Tiger Companies.