Ben Berger

President and Founder

“Often dubbed the father of all negotiators, Ben has garnered an impeccable reputation as a business owner and philanthropist.”


The one shouldering most of the gargantuan decisions at Tiger Companies and its affiliate brands, Ben has built an empire from his early days selling toner and copier supplies. Often reminiscing about the company’s origins selling toners out of his home in Brooklyn, his book of business is as legitimate and trustworthy as his very first green ledger book and ballpoint pen.


Since the company’s first stint in the early 90s, Ben took slow and steady steps toward a vision of escalated growth, while making level headed and hyper focused decisions that are still contributing to the company’s healthy sales incline to date. A sage leader by all accounts, his team attributes his clarity and focus to some of the most complex aspects of sales, marketing, operations and finance. Due to his keen observations in business and beyond, Ben is notably the go-to person for a multitude of corporate and personal decision making.


Throughout his professional career, Ben’s integrity has been proven tenfold, with instances in which he would sacrifice cost for credentials, earning him a stellar reputation as a man of his word. Ben is known for challenging his staff members to ‘slow down and saddle up’, trading speed for stability to get things done right.


While Ben is infatuated by business, he has always placed family first, starting his day inquiring about his children, dozens of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Alongside his wife, Ben has become known as a philanthropist, contributing to a great many charitable causes within and beyond their community. With his son, Jacob, part of the leadership team at Tiger, he channels his family values into the hustle at the second-generation business his family has practically grown up on and within. An avid traveler, he can be found scouring the globe while keeping tight tabs on the influential decisions at his rapidly growing empire.